McDonald Law represents creditors, debtors and Chapter 7 Trustees in bankruptcy matters.  We provide guidance and counsel to both individuals and business clients with regard to their financial affairs. Our representation of both creditors and debtors affords our firm a unique perspective to analyze legal issues in a manner that maximizes results for our clients.  We have substantial experience in handling financial disputes both in and outside of bankruptcy courts. Our vast experience in the area of bankruptcy law is evidenced by the fact that our attorneys have field over 1,000 individual and business cases under Title 11 of the United States Code.

Matters handled by our firm include:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy- Debt Liquidation

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy- Reorganization for Individuals or Businesses

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy- Debt Consolidation

While there are general guidelines that can help you identify which chapter may be right for you, the only way you can be absolutely certain is to speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Take the first step to financial freedom and call our office today for a free consultation.